Who is this person?

Hi! I'm me! 

I'm from B.C.! I once did a sock puppet show about  Julia Kristeva, which is the single most important biographical fact about me. I went to art school because i wanted to make things; I got a degree in illustration and printmaking from OCADU. I've been in the zine fair circuit since 2011, and have been schlepping my work to art fairs and gallery shows around Toronto (and a bit farther, on occasion) since then! I do a lot of in person shows around Toronto (come and say hi!) and I also sell work online at redbubble and etsy in case you live somewhere that is not Toronto. I don't blame you. I can also draw things for people or for publications, contact me at stephanie@stephaniekenzie.com! 

Is that an etching? Do you do etchings???

Lemme talk about my process, because I've noticed people are confused. it is not etching! etching is cool, but it looks different. I draw stuff by hand with a nibbled pen! all those tiny, tiny, tiny lines are hand drawn. I also create textures traditionally with charcoal, graphite, paint, ink, pencil shavings, coffee, and so on. Then I scan everything in, and assemble and colour it digitally. if it's destined to be a screen print, i separate the colours out into layers, print them off, and then burn them into a screen and then proceed with screen printing. if it's digital, i just use a printer, instead of my hands. Science!