Catman Murder Mysteries: A Sweet Surprise Part Two

Listen: These bees are guilty. I don't care what this dude says. Also check out that vintage bee smoker!!! I totally googled bee keeping for this 100% accurate comic, and a bee smoker is used to calm bees down. Also the first commercial beekeeper in the United States name is Moses Quinby.  The more you know!

Catman Murder Mysteries No 9: Milk, SandwichesS, and....Murder?

Sometimes it's really hard coming up with all these action packed scenes, y'know? Will Catman ever catch a break? 

Oh! The rail car dining room-thing they are in is based on this reference picture:

Will that link work? who knows! I've created a Catman board on pinterest too, to save all my reference pictures, so hopefully that will be helpful.

Catman Murder Mysteries No 8: A Stunning Surpise

'Sup, It's Catman, woo! I read "Murder on the Orient Express" for the first time a while ago--I haven't read any Agatha Christie since high school, and it was surprisingly good! I liked how it was structured--basically it was just Poroit conducting interviews, interupted by luggage searches. One chapter was just everyone thinking! Quality.