Catman Murder Mysteries: A Winter Interlude Part 2

catman 2 jan 1 final.jpg

Happy January! I'm back from two weeks of doing nothing, and now doing things seems really weird! So have a winter interlude part two. I have a new Catman story that will hopefully start in two weeks, and will be rather long (I mean, for Catman, which has previously maxed out at four pages). See you then, my friends! 

Copy of Catman Murder Mysteries: Happy Holidays!

catman december 2 file.jpg

Happy Holidays! It's here, it's the end of the year, we did it, huzzah! I'm going to be travelling until after New Years, so Catman Murder Mysteries will start it's second year(!) on the 12th of January. Until then, I hope all will be merry and bright with you, and see you next year!

Catman Murder Mysteries: A Sweet Surprise Part Two

Listen: These bees are guilty. I don't care what this dude says. Also check out that vintage bee smoker!!! I totally googled bee keeping for this 100% accurate comic, and a bee smoker is used to calm bees down. Also the first commercial beekeeper in the United States name is Moses Quinby.  The more you know!