Selling to the Devil: Sadness Comic No 3, and a Begining of a Blogging

So, it feels really weird to be talking publicly about such a personal issue when the world is so nuts, but I spent like a year working on this and it would defeat the point to not post it anywhere SO. And I think there is power in continuing, so I shall try and continue. 


I wrote this as kind of an explination of my two year--or over? who knows--abscence from social medias of all kinds. I was trying to think of the best way to get back in to posting regularly, and not acknowledging the fact that I have been both depressed and recovering from depression for over two years felt really disingenuous. So that is where I have been! the plan going forward is to post a lot of work from this time gap--both on Tumblr, so it may be Tumblred, and on a blog on my website, so it may be somewhat secure/archived in some sort of way. I also have mad plans for work to do for 2017, MAD PLANS, and I am EXCITED ABOUT THEM.


So hello! I am me; and here is a thing I wrote and drew. I think it is neat, I hope you do too.