Catman Murder Mysteries: No. 1

So this comic I did years ago? two years ago maybe? for an anthology of one to two page comics for 8th Wonder Press called Uncanny Adventures: Duo which came out last June, I believe? More info here:

Catman is the comic strip I always wished I drew more of; My mom watches a lot of murder mysteries (we've dubbed them 'happy little murder stories') and this is based on watching way too many murder show with my mom. I've been missing drawing comics, too, as of late, and so the only thing to do is to draw more comics! So I'm going to do more of this series! I'm excited, you might not be yet, 'cause you don't know what I'm talking about, but hey! life is grand. I'm going to be posting a new Catman story next friday, and then the last anthology page, and then a new one, and then it'll be February, and that is a whole other month. I'm planing to have a bimonthly schedule for Catman for Febuary and beyond.